NMS Food Pantry

New Morning Star Food Pantry

A group of volunteers whose commitment and passion to society is to help feed the hunger.  While striving to encourage self-esteem, pride, and hope, so that the youth of today can become, understanding, religious, economic and social beings of tomorrow.

The New Morning Star Food Pantry Ministry is dedicated to reaching out to the community, with the thought in mind that “we are all God’s children” and that every child needs a good meal to function on a daily basis.

Thursday from 4PM – 6PM

New Morning Star M. B. Church

206-08 S. Hamlin Boulevard
Chicago, Illinois 60624

If Thursday is a holiday, distribution will be the Tuesday before.

You must bring your own bags to carry your food home in


"As I look at my surroundings, I am amazed at what I see, empty buildings, vacant lots, and hunger in the streets. Today I saw a homeless person with a sign, asking for something to eat.  I said it would be my pleasure to help.  Please come follow me. I lead him to the New Morning Star Food Pantry Ministry."

 - Director Loretta K. Patterson